Cache Report v1.9
Introducing Cache Report v1.9, a great little geocaching tool for those who don't want to cache paperless, for whatever reason.  If you're a geocacher that still loves to cache with paper and wants to make the best of it in the most efficient manner possible, Cache Report is for you and it's available for download today.  Learn More »


Webcam Capture v1.0
Have no one waiting at home to take your webcam picture?  Webcam Capture is the tool for you.  While this is a tool originally built for geocachers who enjoy finding and logging Webcam Caches, anyone can use this tool for a number of reasons.  No geocaching is required.

Use Webcam Capture to automatically capture static web images on the Internet.  Will this tool work 100% of the time?  No.  Especially not in the case of many Java user-controlled webcams.  But the majority of webcams do provide static JPG or BMP images for download, even if not advertised.  Use this tool to capture those images when no one is back home at the computer to do it for you.


Display Preview Control v1.0
You can now simulate the Display Preview function in your own Visual Basic projects using this ActiveX control.  This control, the latest in our collection of COM based components, is another fine economical substitute for writing hundreds of lines of code just to perform functions that should have been natively exposed in the Visual Basic design environment.

New LOW PRICE.  Available for download TODAY.  Learn More »


Folder Browser Control v1.0
The Folder Browser Control provides an interface for selecting a folder to the user of your Visual Basic programs.  It implements a common look and feel, similar to that of the Windows interface.  The Folder Browser Control is a drop-in replacement for the Common Dialog control when all you want to do is to select a folder.

New LOW PRICE.  Available for download TODAY.  Learn More »


Usability Activity Log v2.3
Usability Activity Log v2.3 is the easiest and most economical way to document observational data.  A necessary tool for any corporate usability lab.

This new version has a more efficient logging system, a new virtual synchronization feature, sorting capabilities, a live word correct feature, and even allows you to categorize your data.  A new export feature allows you to export your data to the following formats: Rich Text Format (RTF), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Excel (XLS), and ascii text.

New LOW PRICE.  Available for download TODAY!  If you have registered a previous version you can upgrade to version 2.3 for free.  Learn More »



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