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The Easiest Way to Document Observational Data

What is usability?  Use-a-ble  (yoo’ze-bul),  us’a-bil’i-ty, us’a-bly.  1: Capable of being used.  2: In a fit condition for use; intact and operative.

The usability of any system, whether it be software or a hardware design, is very important.  Specifically, if a software product isn't easily learned and used by its target audience, it will fail.  Some of the largest companies in the industry that design systems have integrated usability testing into their development processes, and by doing so, they have increased end user productivity, reduced training and support costs, and improved overall employee satisfaction.

Usability testing can involve a wide-variety of methods and instrumentation.  It usually implies relatively unobtrusive observation of task performance, often with video taping to capture the nuances of users' interactions with the product under evaluation.  Observational data is documented, preferably with time stamps that correspond to a video recorder in real-time.  Performance data may include the incidence of various usability problems, user habits and posture, user errors, or the time that it takes the user to respond to specific task-relevant event.

This is where Usability Activity Log comes into play.  It offers an effective means to easily and unobtrusively document observational data and task performance.  The ease of use and low cost of Usability Activity Log provides the best alternative to other activity logging products which are expensive and often overly complex.  In fact, Usability Activity Log has been usability tested first time user can sit down in front of our product and begin using it effortlessly with minimal instruction.

Product Features

The simplistic approach Usability Activity Log uses makes it a necessary tool for  any corporate usability lab.
Usability Activity Log is fully functional as a stand-alone package.  No additional add-on modules are required to get the full product functionality.
Usability Activity Log operates in a networked environment allowing you to share activity logs with multiple workstations (a separate license is required for each workstation).
All observational data is saved on the fly; requiring no user intervention.  There is no need to manually save, thus minimizing the risk of lost data.
Observational data may be modified, marked, sorted or removed from the grid while you're working.  You can assign your observational data categories to assist organization during focus groups.  System categories are provided or you may create your own.
A word correct feature has been added assist you in correcting some of the most frequently misspelled words on the fly while you’re logging observational data.
Usability Activity Log passively synchronizes all logging activity with video equipment.  The synchronization feature.
An alarm system warns you that the tape timer is about to expire. You can set a primary and secondary warning.
Observational data may now be exported to the following formats: Rich Text Format (RTF), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Excel (XLS), and ascii text.

Pricing and Upgrades 

There is only one edition of Usability Activity Log and it is available for the extremely low price of US$49.99.

When you buy, register and use Usability Activity Log in accordance with the End User License Agreement, you are getting a LifeTime License.  What does that mean?  You only pay for the software the first time and get all new versions of this software for FREE and for a lifetime.

What about the future?  If you purchase the product now, you're entitled to a LifeTime License.  That means you are guaranteed to get upgrades for FREE and for life.  If we decide to change the terms of the End User License Agreement in the future, this will be applied to new licenses only.

Buying Usability Activity Log

If you decide to purchase Usability Activity Log, you will be directed to Paypal which handles our online transactions.  Once payment is complete, we will email your your registration number within 24 hours.  When you receive your registration code, insert it into the software to properly register and license your software, thereby disabling all nag functionality.  You will also want to file away your registration code for safe keeping. 

System Requirements

800 MHz processor (1 GHz or higher recommended)
256 MB of RAM (512 MB or higher recommended)
5 GB of free hard drive space


Windows® XP with at least service pack 2 installed (32-bit) and Windows 2000 with at least service pack 4.

Some Of Our Satisfied Customers
Important Customer Disclaimer

  • Minnesota Environmental Protection Agency (St. Paul, MN):  The Minnesota Environmental Protection Agency has been a registered user of Usability Activity Log since May 2003.
  • Internal Revenue Service:  The United States Internal Revenue Service has been a registered user of Usability Activity Log since 2002.
  • Bell Atlantic (Temple Terrace, FL):  Bell Atlantic has been a registered user of Usability Activity Log since 2001.
  • Qwest Communications (Denver, CO):  Qwest Communications has been a registered user of Usability Activity Log since 2000.
  • Micro Modeling Associates (Plymouth, MN):  Micro Modeling Associates has been a registered user of Usability Activity Log since 2000.
  • Test Kitchens (Palo Alto, CA):  Test Kitchens has been a registered user of Usability Activity Log since 1999.
  • Wells Fargo Bank (Minneapolis, MN):  The Wells Fargo Bank has been a registered user of Usability Activity Log since 1999.
  • University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN):  The University of Minnesota has been a registered user of Usability Activity Log since 1999.
  • Target Corporation (Minneapolis, MN):  Target Corporation has been a registered user of Usability Activity Log since 1999.



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