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While Cache Report has historically been very stable, like all software, it is not perfect.  If you experience any issues with Cache Report, peruse through the listing below to see if your issue can be solved through the experience of others.  If you do not see anything resembling the issue that you're having, feel free to use the Contact Us feature to ask for help.  Please be sure to provide your name, full email address, the product you're using, and the full version number of the product. 

I purchased this product and when I enter the registration information and serial number, making sure all fields were proper case, I get a message that says "This product is not registered".

You are most likely running Windows Vista or Windows 7.  In Windows Vista and Windows 7, even if you're an administrator of your own PC, you still truly may not have FULL administrator rights that are required to enter your registration information.  This has been recorded as an issue in all versions of Cache Report through v1.3 and should not be a problem on the Windows XP platform.  This issue is scheduled to be repaired in the version v1.4 release.  In the meantime, use the instructions below to register your software in Windows 7 (a solution for Windows Vista is coming soon):

Right-click the program icon on the desktop or under the Start button.  Click 'Properties'.  Click the 'Compatibility' tab and select the 'Run this program as an administrator' checkbox. Then run the program and register without any problem.

When I attempt to load a GPX file, I get an error message that says "Error in frmMain.mnuFileLoad_Click.  Error:  Error while loading report data.  Column 'wpt_Id' does not belong to the table cache."

All versions of Cache Report v1.3 and earlier are not compliant with the GPX 1.1 specification.  You must use the GPX 1.0 specification in order to properly load your files.  Pocket Query files from are sent to you in the proper 1.0 spec so you should not experience problems with them.  But if you're using other third party tools such as EasyGPS or GSAK, in all likelihood, those tools are exporting to the 1.1 spec.  Both of these tools mentioned are capable of exporting to the 1.0 spec so that would be your work around.

In spite of the work around mentioned above, the GPX 1.1 specification has been included in the upcoming v1.4 release of Cache Report.

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