Folder Browser Control

When All You Want To Do is Select a Folder

The Folder Browser Control provides an interface for selecting a folder to the user of your programs.  The Folder Browser Control implements a common feel of the Windows interface, a hierarchical tree structure representing the local and network file system, similar to the one found in the Windows Explorer.  The Folder Browser Control acts as a drop-in replacement for the Common Dialog control when all you want to do is to select a folder.

Using the Folder Browser Control inside your applications couldn’t be easier.  All you do is drop the control onto a form in your project, give the control a name, set the control title, default folder location, owner handle, then call the Show method.  When your application user closes the control by either the clicking OK or Cancel button, the new folder that was navigated to can be referenced.  It is that simple.

Product Pricing

Folder Browser Control Version is currently available for $12.00 per developer workstation.  Once you purchase and license this control, it can be distributed within your own projects royalty free!

The Folder Browser Control is SHAREWARE. That means you can use it for a trial period of time for free to see if the control will be useful in your projects. There is no explicitly defined trial period of time for this control. However, unregistered and unlicensed versions of this control cannot be distributed with your projects. This control can be downloaded by clicking the Download Now button to the right.

System Requirements  

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
Pentium II 233Mhz or higher, 64MB RAM, and 5MB of hard disk space.

Although the Display Preview Control was built in and designed for Visual Basic, you may be successful using the control with your other Visual Studio v97 and Visual Studio v6 tools.  We highly recommended that if you use this control with Visual Studio v6 that you have applied at least Service Pack 5.


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