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Introducing Cache Report
Cache Report is the tool for you if you're a geocacher that still loves to cache with paper and want to make the best of it in the most efficient manner possible.  Easily print your Pocket Queries for use in the field.  Sure, other tools are capable of providing similar reports but not nearly as quick and dirty as this little tool.  The best thing about Cache Report is that it is a tool for geocachers which has been built by your fellow geocachers.

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With Cache Report, you can quickly convert your geocaching Pocket Queries, or any valid GPX file, into readable, field ready reports.  Load multiple GPX files and merge them into a single report.  Cache Report allows you to sort your cache listings by Geocache Name, GC Code, Owner, and other combinations.  You can choose to have Cache Report decrypt any hints for each cache on the report.  Optionally print the short and long description fields on your report.  What's more, you can even set printing criteria for the description fields allowing you to narrow down print to only necessary information (think virtual and earthcaches).  Add a comment to your report which allows you to carry multiple reports without confusion.  Enjoy an annotation tool allowing you to add all kinds of notes to your report - a great tool for those longer geocaching road cruises.

NOW COMPATIBLE with GPX v1.0, v1.01, v1.1, v1.1.1 and LOC files.

Please note that starting with Cache Report v1.6, the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 is required.  All other versions PRIOR TO v1.6 require use of the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0.

Download Cache Report now and see for yourself how easy and effective it is to use.


Cache Report is quick and easy to use  
Cache Report remembers your most recent Pocket Query name  
Report wastes little space keeping in the spirit of conservation  
View multiple reports in individual report windows  
Export your reports to PDF, RTF, HTML, TIFF, Excel, or text  
 Repaired a control updating problem  1.9
 Repaired an issue to allow three digit degrees  1.8
 Added an option to store your Home Coordinates within the Options window  1.7
 Distance and bearing is now available on the report and is an option for sort  1.7
 Added GPX v1.1 and v1.1.1 file compatibility  1.6
Added LOC file compatibility  1.6
Added statusbar and load counts at bottom of window to show load progress  1.6
Added option to alternate row colors on report output  1.6
The last four logs function now works properly when loading GPX v1.0.1 files  1.6
Reengineered coordinate output for added non-English compatibility  1.6
New field to show status of last four logs, F=Found and D=DNF  1.5
Added No Sort as an available sort option, caches listed as imported  1.5
Improved Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatibility  1.4
Turn hints on or off, leave them encrypted or decrypt them  1.4
Improved Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatibility  1.4
Improved error handling and some aspects of usability  1.4
Load and merge multiple GPX files for a single report  1.3
Option to print both the short and long cache descriptions  1.3
Restrict cache descriptions to certain types of geocaches  1.3
Additional sort options now available  1.3
Add a comment to your report, for those that keep multiple reports  1.3
Annotation tool added allowing you to add additional notes to your reports  1.3
Allows you to specify sort preference  1.2
Automated hint decryption  1.2

Pricing and Upgrades

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There is only one edition of Cache Report available and is available for the extremely low price of US$15Buy Cache Report today before this cool, low, price changes.

When you buy, register and use Cache Report in accordance with the End User License Agreement, you are getting a LifeTime License.  What does that mean?  You only pay for the software the first time and get all new versions of this software for FREE and for a lifetime.

What about the future?  If you purchase the product now, you're entitled to a LifeTime License.  That means you are guaranteed to get upgrades for FREE and for life.  If we decide to change the terms of the End User License Agreement in the future, this will be applied to new licenses only.

Buying Cache Report

If you decide to purchase Cache Report, you will be directed to Paypal which handles our online transactions.  Once your payment is complete and your order has been processed, we will email you your registration number.  When you receive your registration code, insert it into the software to properly register and license your software, thereby disabling all nag functionality.  You will also want to file away your registration code for safe keeping.


System Requirements

1.5 GHz processor (2 GHz or higher recommended)
1 GB of RAM (2 GB or higher recommended)
3 GB of free hard drive space
Windows-compatible printer for your cache reports
For Cache Report versions v1.6 and newer
Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5  (download from Microsoft)
    Service Pack 1 for .NET Framework v3.5  (download from Microsoft)
For Cache Report versions v1.0 through v1.5
Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 for 32 bit (download from Microsoft)
    or Microsoft .NET Framework x64 v2.0 for 64 bit (download from Microsoft)


Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista® or Windows® XP with latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-bit editions)


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